What We Do

Creative Development
Redline Creative Group works with your team in whatever capacity needed from concepting to script writing to ensure we work cohesively and efficiently to deliver you exactly what you’re looking for while staying within your timeline and budget.
The Redline Creative Group production team has the gear, but more importantly the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to be creative, flexible, and efficient. No complaining and no compromise…we’re here for you! We love what we do and our passion is to capture the content you need to tell your story!
Our post-production, motion graphics, and colorists posses the creativity and technical ability to provide the highest quality result for all our clients. They pride themselves on polishing every nuance of your project. Thoughtful screen composition, the right transition at the right time, impactful sound design, topped off with the correct color grade will deliver your story with the impact and intent to resonate with the intended viewer.
Live Streaming
The Redline Creative Group has invested in the time and technology to achieve proficiency in an area where nothing is certain. It’s hard to depend on the Internets (thanks Al Gore)! The RCG team works with you to decide the number of cameras, recording options, broadcast platform, and other options including PPV all seamlessly and successfully.
A project isn’t truly finished unless you’ve invested in the right mix of the right music and sound effects creating that custom soundtrack. Sure we work with library music but are proud to offer the option of original music. We all know podcasting is a ‘thing’ and while we don’t have our own (yet) we’ve worked on all aspects from creative to recording to correctly posting them where they can actually be found.