About Us


We’re a group of passionate, creative and seasoned media professionals laser focused on delivering the highest quality production the budget allows with uncompromising attention to the customer and their vision. We approach every project with the same energy, determination and wide–eyed wonder to deliver a final product and experience that is more than the client expected but exactly what they deserved!


Just call at 314.773.7000 or 314.265.7555 or send an e-mail at rik@redlinecre8iv.com we’d LOVE to talk.

We look at each project individually and implement the most cost-effective approach to deliver your vision without compromise.

We are based in St. Louis, MO but work in NYC, LA and the rest of the US including Puerto Rico

We are 100% self-contained and own our own cameras, lighting, audio support etc.

As soon as the check clears.🙂